Room for Sustainable Agriculture

In its advisory report ‘Room for Sustainable Agriculture’, the Dutch Council for the Environment and Infrastructure (Raad voor de leefomgeving en infrastructuur, Rli) outlines the social dilemmas associated with agriculture and horticulture in the Netherlands. Ongoing innovation and accelerated sustainable development are essential to resolve these dilemmas. Given the importance of the Dutch agriculture and horticulture sector, there is every reason for the central government to play its part and help remove the obstacles to the continuing sustainable development of the sector.

The Council recommends that the central government continues developing the Council’s vision for agriculture and horticulture with the parties concerned, allows scope for the development of different agricultural business models, applies knowledge and innovation as drivers of continuing sustainable development, amends laws and regulations as necessary, and facilitates a permanent dialogue between the sector and society.

The advisory report also sets out the Council’s vision concerning the political and public debate on agriculture and horticulture. This debate is most clearly characterised by major and seemingly insurmountable differences of opinion. The Council hopes that its report will induce a shift in thinking about Dutch agriculture among politicians and society at large, so that the transitions considered necessary by the Council can be implemented more rapidly.

On 20 March 2013, the Council presented the advisory report to Sharon Dijksma, Minister for Agriculture.

A short film has been produced to accompany the advisory report.

Photo cow in typically Dutch landscape