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Access to the city

Advisory report
Rli - October 2020
More and more people are unable to participate sufficiently in urban life. How can we combat unjustified differences between groups of citizens?

Stop land subsidence in peat meadow areas

Advisory report
Rli - September 2020
Land subsidence is leading to increasing problems in peat meadow areas. What choices have to be made to counter the negative effects?

Green recovery

Advisory report
Rli - July 2020
The Council for the Environment and Infrastructure calls for a green recovery from the corona crisis in which the economy, employment and a sustainable physical environment go hand in hand.

Soils for sustainability

Advisory report
Rli - July 2020
The quality of rural soils is in decline. What are the long-term requirements for sustainable soil management?

Improving international passenger rail

Advisory report
Rli - July 2020
International rail services can make a major contribution to greening the transport sector and realising sustainability goals. But how can international passenger transport by rail be stimulated?

Introduction on Rli advisory report A grip on hazardous substances

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A grip on hazardous substances’

Advisory report
Rli - March 2020
Current chemical policy is not sufficient to adequately control the risks to people and the physical environment. What steps would be necessary to ensure a safer handling of hazardous substances?

Work programme for 2020-2021

Work Programme
11 February 2020 - The work programme summarises the advisory topics, the latest status, and the schedule going forward.