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Desirable Tourism

Advisory report
Rli - October 2019
How can we manage balanced growth in inbound and domestic tourism in the Netherlands, with the economy, local communities and the living environment being viewed as interacting elements?

European Agricultural Policy

Advisory report
Rli - May 2019
The Council’s advice focuses on the possibilities for using the CAP to support the transition to circular agriculture.

Aviation Policy

Advisory report
Rli - April 2019
In this advisory report, the Council considers whether a new approach is possible in aviation policy and, if so, whether it will lead to a change in the principles that underpin national policy and to new policy options

The Sum of the Parts- study

Rli - April 2019
Sustainability agenda’s tend to overlap at the regional level. How do they converge and coalesce? What does this imply for an integrative approach?

Work Programme 2019-2020

Work Programme
29 January 2019 - Topics for the Council's Working Programme for the period 2019-2020

Warmly recommended

Advisory report
Rli - December 2018
What government measures will ensure that everyone concerned is able and willing to work towards a rapid transition to a low-CO2 heat supply in the built environment?

National Environment and Planning Strategy

Advisory report
Rli - November 2018
What governance and steering arrangements will bring the government’s priorities within reach?

Accelerating housing production, while maintaining quality

Advisory report
Rli - June 2018
How can the pace of house building be increased to produce enough homes to meet the demand?

Work Programme 2018-2019

Work Programme
19 June 2018 - The Council’s ambition is to contribute to accelerating the necessary transitions within the broad domain of the physical human environment. More particularly, the Council wishes to focus its advice on the energy transition, promoting sustainable accessib

Better and different mobility

Advisory report
Rli - May 2018
How can the financial resources available for mobility be used more effectively while also exploiting the opportunities for more sustainable mobility?