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Beyond Mainports

Advisory report
Rli - 12 July 2016
Does the position of the dutch mainports demand a different policy approach when viewed in the light of global trends?

Reform of environmental law: realize your ambitions

Advisory report
Rli - 8 February 2016
Will the implementation of the Environment and Planning Act achieve the objectives of the reform in a balanced way?

Room for the regions in European policy

Advisory report
Rli - 8 December 2015
The Council investigates tension between policy and legislation developed at European level and implementation of environmental and planning policy at regional level

A prosperous nation without CO2

Advisory report
Rli - 24 September 2015
The Council proposes directing the energy transition towards a clear and uncontested goal and recommends that the government legislates to formalise the reduction goal.

Work Programme 2016-2017

Work Programme
Rli - 15 September 2015
This document sets out the work programme 2016-2017 of the Council for the Environment and Infrastructure (Rli).

Changing trends in housing: flexiblity and regionalisation within housing policy

Advisory report
Rli - 25 June 2015
How can greater flexibility be introduced to housing policy and the housing market, whereupon both can keep pace with the changing housing requirements of society

Circular economy: from wish to practice

Advisory report
Rli - 18 June 2015
In this advice, the Council explores how the government can support a transition to a circular economy.

Work programme 2015-2016

Work Programme
Rli - 1 May 2015

Survey of technological innovations in the living environment

Advisory report
Rli - 21 January 2015
Survey about the impact of technological innovations on the living environment in terms of healthy nutrition, efficient mobility and smart buildings.

Managing Surplus Government Real Estate

Advisory report
Rli - 30 December 2014
This advice is on the disposition of national government real estate and the balance between public interest and financial gain.