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International scan 2014

Rli - 14 August 2014

Recovering the costs of environmental damage

Advisory report
Rli - 23 June 2014
An advisory letter concerning financial indemnity requirements for high-risk companies when recovering the costs of environmental damage.

Risks assessed

Advisory report
Rli - 23 June 2014
In this advisory letter the Council recommends that less importance should be attached to numerical norms within safety management policy.

Future of the city

Advisory report
Rli - 30 April 2014
How can the strength of the Netherlands’ cities be further developed, exploited, and mobilised?

Quality without growth

Advisory report
Rli - 23 April 2014
This advisory report examines how environmental quality is to be achieved in future.

Influencing behaviour

Advisory report
Rli - 24 March 2014
This advisory report is concerned with the use of behavioural knowledge to support policy in pursuit of environmental objectives.

Living independently for longer

Advisory report
Rli - 23 January 2014
An advisory letter concerning the effects that the proposed reform of long-term care will have on the housing market.

Sustainable choices in the implementation of the common agricultural policy in the Netherlands

Advisory report
Rli - 31 October 2013
This advisory letter considers the main strategic choices to be made to strengthen the Dutch agricultural and horticultural sector to achieve long term sustainability.

Dutch logistics 2040: designed to last

Advisory report
Rli - 28 October 2013
This report considers how the logistics sector can help the top sectors chemicals, hi-tech, agrifood and horticulture to make a successful transition to circular economy.

Work programme 2014-2015

Work Programme
Rli - 30 September 2013