Presentation Advisory Report ‘The Connecting Landscape’

On 8 November 2016, the Council presented its advisory report ‘The Connecting Landscape’ to the Minister of Infrastructure and the Environment and to the Minister for Agriculture. In its advisory report, the Council addresses the question of how the transition of the landscape that will accompany major and urgent sustainability challenges can and should be supervised.

picture of the cover with the title and photo of Dutch polder landscape

The Netherlands is facing major and urgent sustainability challenges. There is the energy transition, the adaptation to climate change and the transition to a more sustainable agriculture. These will change the Dutch landscape dramatically: a landscape that people are attached to, derive their identity from and in which they feel at home. The Council believes that these challenges can only be met with success if they are combined with an intensive public debate focused on the improvement of the quality of the landscape.

Peter Heij, director-general Space and Water (Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment) and Wieke Tas of the Nature Conservation and Biodiversity Department (Ministry of Economic Affairs) accepted the advisory report on behalf of Minister Schultz van Haegen of Infrastructure and the Environment and Minister Van Dam for Agriculture.

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