Rli commences advisory process on ‘Handling hazardous substances safely in the living environment'

The public is concerned about the effects of hazardous substances on human health and safety and on biodiversity. Although concentrations of substances in the living environment are decreasing in many cases, the total number of substances entering the environment is increasing and new uses are giving rise to potential new dangers. Concerns are fuelled by incidents, by the changing demands we make on water quality, for example, or by uncertainty about the adverse effects of cumulative substances in the living environment. The transition to a circular economy is more likely to aggravate these concerns than to diminish them.

At the request of the Minister of Infrastructure and Water Management, the Council will draw up an advisory report on the regulatory system for substances, products and the environment. It anticipates issuing the advisory report in February 2020.

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For more information about the advisory report contact project leader Yvette Oostendorp at yvette.oostendorp@rli.nl