Council commences advisory process on economic recovery policy for the COVID-19 crisis

The Council for the Environment and Infrastructure (Rli) has initiated an advisory process on economic recovery policy for the COVID-19 crisis. The main question is: With which investments or other policy measures in the physical environment can the government stimulate economic recovery and structurally support the transition towards a sustainable and vibrant economy in the long term?

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The Council will focus on policy areas associated with the physical environment. It will develop a concise framework to assess the contribution of specific government interventions (investments or other policy measures) to economic recovery and the groundwork being laid for long-term sustainable economic development. The Council will also attempt to propose interventions and give an initial impression of their nature.
The Council anticipates issuing its report in July 2020.

Read more about the 'Economic recovery policy after COVID-19' project here

For more information, please contact Bart Swanenvleugel, project manager,, +31 (0)6-52012691.