Invitation for webinar on better policies for food systems

The OECD and EEAC Network organize a joint webinar on the findings from the OECD’s recently released Making Better Policies for Food Systems report and their implications for food systems policy development programmes. The public webinar will take place virtually on Tuesday 13 April 2021, 10:00am-12:00pm (CET).

The new OECD report Making Better Policies for Food Systems brings together decades of OECD research and policy recommendations into a coherent view on food systems, to support policy makers around the world develop better policies for food systems.

Following a presentation on the report and an assessment of possible policy implications from the representatives of the European Environment and Sustainable Development Advisory Councils Network (EEAC Network), you are invited to engage in open dialogue.

Discussions will cover some of the following topics: A) What has been the actual performance of the global food system, and what has been the role of policies? B) How should policy makers design policies that are coherent across different dimensions such as food security and nutrition, livelihoods, and environmental sustainability? C) What are common factors complicating the task of achieving better policies – and how can they be addressed? D) What are the key priorities for food system policy approaches and the likely implications?

Read more about the programme and registration at the website of the EEAC

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