Rli commences advisory report about the Dutch National Growth Fund

The Dutch Council for the Environment and Infrastructure (Rli) has decided to issue unsolicited advice on the National Growth Fund. How can the economic growth leap envisaged by the Dutch National Growth Fund be optimally linked to the transitions in the physical environment?

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The advice focuses on the issue of whether the current design and intended investments offer prospects for achieving a long-term earning capacity and a sustainable future economy, and which improvements are possible in the future rounds of the growth fund. For this purpose, the Council uses insights gained from its advisory work in recent years. This unsolicited advice allows the Council to make a positive contribution to further increasing the impact of the growth fund.

The Council will issue its advisory report in September 2021.

Read more about the advisory report ‘National Growth Fund’

For more information or to respond on this topic, please contact Bart Swanenvleugel, project leader: bart.swanenvleugel@rli.nl +31 (0)6 5201 2691.