Implementation Capacity

How can the government reinforce the implementation capacity needed to put into practice (in good time) the proposed policies for tackling the major challenges within the living environment, and what factors impede or promote this? These are the key questions in the advisory report that the Rli is preparing on implementation capacity in the living environment.

Construction of wind turbines in a spacious landscape

There is growing concern both within and beyond government as to whether public authorities and their implementing organisations – together with businesses, civil-society organisations, and the general public – will succeed in implementing all the policy plans. Will we be able to organise enough "implementation capacity" together? The Council expects to issue its advisory report late 2023 early 2024.

Read more about the advisory and the action plan.

For more information about the advisory report or to comment, please contact the project leader, Luc Boot, at or +31 (0)6 1057 7495.