Start of advisory report on inclusive sustainability

How can effective sustainability policies be developed in such a way that society at large is involved and goals and tools are both improved and widely supported? What demands does this make in terms of how the benefits and burdens of sustainability are distributed and the way they are balanced up, and how policy is formulated and implemented? These are the key questions in the advisory report that the Council for the Environment and Infrastructure (Rli) recently started preparing. The Council expects to issue its advisory report in the spring of 2025.

Living right next to the chemical industry of the Chemelot in Geleen

The challenge of making the Netherlands more sustainable is giving rise to major societal changes with a profound impact on the lives of all Dutch residents. It is therefore crucial that the government manages to connect with citizens and that sustainability policies are perceived as just and do not exclude anyone. Moreover, giving citizens greater input can lead to better policies. This means that everyone must have an equal opportunity to be involved in making Dutch society more sustainable and that the benefits and burdens of sustainability must be distributed equitably.

Recently, there has been a greater focus on inclusive sustainability in the political and public debate. However, many sustainability policies are still not inclusive and policymakers are looking for tools to help increase the inclusiveness of sustainability policies. Inclusive sustainability also means that citizens who do not share the sustainability goals are involved in the process of making the Netherlands more sustainable. But how? What scope is there for them not to support the sustainability goals while the government – backed by scientific facts and insights – regards sustainability as inevitable?

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