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The Netherlands needs much more sustainable finance

Press release
Rli - 10 February 2023
At present, there is far too little sustainable investment in the Netherlands. The financial sector must move faster to change this situation and the government needs to act to ensure the sector actually does so. This is what the Council for the Environme ...

Energy transition calls for diligent decision-making on nuclear power stations

Press release
Rli - 7 September 2022
Over the coming years, the Council for the Environment and Infrastructure (Rli) is anticipating a political and public debate on the organisation of our future energy system and the possible role of nuclear energy within it. Decisions in this area will ne ...

Solving the housing crisis requires more action from housing associations and municipalities

Press release
Rli - 18 August 2022
Social housing stock needs to expand considerably in the next few years. That’s why central government needs to considerably step up efforts to maximise the performance of housing associations and municipalities. In its advisory report ‘Providing shelter: ...

Nature everywhere and for everyone

Press release
Rli - 23 March 2022
23 March 2022 – Nature is declining at an alarming rate in the Netherlands. According to the Council for the Environment and Infrastructure (Rli), the biodiversity crisis is as serious as the climate crisis. Robust nature is crucial for the quality of lif ...

Give sustainable farmers prospects for the future

Press release
Rli - 2 December 2021
Farmers should have prospects for the future within the boundaries of sustainability. To operate their businesses, farmers must have at least the following: clarity about the criteria that their farm must meet, the freedom to determine how they will meet ...

Use growth fund to target sustainable growth

Press release
Rli - 14 October 2021
The National Growth Fund (Nationaal Groeifonds) was instituted to raise the Netherlands' future gross domestic product. The Council for the Environment and Infrastructure (Rli) concludes in its advisory report "Investing in sustainable growth&qu ...

Accessibility policy focuses too much on expanding infrastructure

Press release
Rli - 10 February 2021
In accessibility policy, the focus is too one-sided, concentrating on eliminating traffic congestion and investing in new infrastructure projects. Other solutions, such as spreading traffic throughout the day, digital alternatives or smart urbanisation po ...

Government must focus policy on sustainable digitalisation

Press release
Rli - 9 February 2021
Digital technology and data use are changing our society in fundamental ways. These changes are having a major impact on the sustainability of our living environment. Although digitalisation and sustainability are inextricably connected, government policy ...

Hydrogen: an indispensable part of a sustainable economy

Press release
Rli - 25 January 2021
Climate-neutral hydrogen is an indispensable link in the future supply of energy and feedstocks. However, a market for climate-neutral hydrogen will not simply materialise automatically. It requires the government to build infrastructure, finance new tech ...

City accessible to fewer and fewer people

Press release
Rli - 1 October 2020
Fewer and fewer people are unable to participate sufficiently in urban life. They can no longer find or pay for a home and many amenities in the city are inaccessible to them. Furthermore, fewer people have transport to reach work or medical facilities. T ...