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Tourism growth requireschange in policy

Press release
Rli - 6 September 2019
6 September 2019 – The number of tourists visiting the Netherlands has grown exponentially in the past ten years and will continue to do so in the years to come. Tourism now generates as much revenue as the construction sector and more than double that of ...

Invest European agricultural funds in circular agriculture

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Rli - 22 May 2019
The Minister of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality, Carola Schouten, has set out her ambition to establish a circular agriculture system in the Netherlands. The Council for the Environment and Infrastructure advises the minister to make increasing use o ...

Treat aviation like any other business sector

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Rli - 18 April 2019
18 April 2019 – Aviation enjoys an exceptional position in Dutch national policy, which holds other mobility sectors or industries more accountable for their impact on the living environment than it does aviation. Aviation growth is increasingly at odds w ...

Sustainability agendas can boost the regions

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Rli - 26 March 2019
The Netherlands must transition to sustainability. Over the coming decades our energy supply, our food system and our economy will be radically transformed. We will also have to adapt to climate change. All tiers of government are working on these four de ...