Work programme 2022-2023

Each year the Council produces a work programme which is subject to the approval of the ministers of Infrastructure and Water Management, of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy, of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality, and of the Interior and Kingdom Relations. The work programme summarises the advisory topics, the latest status, and the schedule going forward.

In the coming years, the Council’s aim is to help accelerate the necessary transitions in the wider domain of the physical human environment. Because the associated challenges are closely intertwined, most of the Council’s advisory reports will transcend the boundaries of the four ministries responsible for the physical domain. 

Work programme 2022-2023

Several subjects from the 2021-2022 work programme will continue into 2022:

  • Position and future of the system of housing associations
  • Reviewing nature policy
  • Nuclear energy

The council proposes five new themes for its 2022-2023 programming. These themes are briefly explained in this letter:

  • Finance and sustainability transitions
  • Green recovery - Green Deal
  • Policy for business parks
  • Forgotten Netherlands?
  • Water Framework Directive

In 2022, the council also wishes to consider, in consultation with the departments, whether it is desirable for the council to advise on the implementation of the energy transition. For example, there may be added value in an advisory report on the role of risk policy in the energy transition, more specifically on how the health and safety risks of new energy technology and the declining risks of fossil fuel phase-out are weighed.

See for up dates of the topics 'In preparation'