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Better is faster

Raad VenW - May 2010
Spatial development is high on the political agenda. Until recently, the responsibility for the living environment quality belonged to the Ministry of Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment (VROM). Now other Ministries are expected to lend a hand. ...

Who I am and where I am going

Raad VenW - April 2010
The objective of this advisory memorandum is to provide guidance on how to focus more on developments in the size and composition of the population, on socio-economic factors and on lifestyles when devising mobility policy. By means of the present advice ...

Permanent mobility in the Randstad

Raad VenW - May 2009
Investing in construction, utilisation and road pricing will not be enough to improve mobility in the Randstad, the highly urbanised western part of the Netherlands. Extra capacity on roads and railways may eliminate or relieve well-known bottlenecks, but ...

Every journey has its price

VROM-raad - January 2008
Joint advice of the council for transport, public works and water management (Raad voor Verkeer en Waterstaat, council for housing, spatial planing and the environment (VROM-raad) and energy council (algemene Energieraad) to the Netherlands government. If ...

Sustainable development of marine potential

VROM-raad - May 2007
The European seas and oceans, the North and Wadden Sea included, are harbouring an enormous economical and ecological potential. At the same time it is justified to state that pressures on the seas due to human activities are strong and growing stronger. ...

Collaboration in the Eurodelta

VROM-raad - December 2005
In this advice the Advisory Council for Transport, Public Works and Water Management calls for attention to opportunities for strengthening the position of the Netherlands through active and broad-based European regional collaboration between those parts ...