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Wanting something for nothing

RLG - March 2003
This advice is intended to specify what minimum requirements are necessary to avoid sliding back into a policy level that can no longer be called 'reliable'. In the Council's opinion, this can only be realised by pursuing a balanced policy ...

The Netherlands and the European Environment

VROM-raad - December 1999
The European Union presently comprises 15 member states, but talks are being held with at least another 13 potential members: ten from Central and Eastern Europe, as well as Cyprus, Malta and Turkey. In a number of cases these talks have become fullblown ...

Mobility within Reason

VROM-raad - November 1999
In its advice 'Mobility within Reason’ the Council for Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment analyses the merits of the present policy towards road traffic, and draws up proposals for updating this strategy to produce a more favourable balanc ...

Viable and vibrant countryside

VROM-raad - September 1999
The Dutch minister of Housing. Spatial Planning and the Environment and his colleague, responsible for Agriculture, Nature and Fisheries, requested the Council for advice on the long term policy for the rural areas in the Netherlands. This policy is laid ...

Global Sustainability and the ecological Footprint

VROM-raad - September 1999
On 23 December 1998 the Minister of Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment (‘VROM’) requested the VROM Council to prepare an advice on the ecological footprint. The introduction to the request refers to the fact that the effects of consumption and ...

Transition to a low-carbon energy economy

VROM-raad - December 1998
On 28 May 1998 the then Minister of Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment (VROM), Mrs. M. de Boer, asked the Council for Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment (hereafter often referred to as ‘the Council’) to draw up an advice in connectio ...

City Land-Plus

VROM-raad - April 1998
This ‘City Land-Plus’ advice is compiled by the Council for Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment on two different scenarios of the future, one concerning spatial developments and one concerning the development of housing in the Netherlands, both ...

Managing policy for a sustainable society

VROM-raad - April 1998
In the advice the Council gives its vision on the management of policy for housing, spatial planning and the environment. ...

Advice on the Draft European Spatial Development Perspective

VROM-raad - January 1998
The Ministers for Spatial Planning and the Commissioner for Regional and Cohesive Policy decided to initiate a discussion on the draft European Spatial Development Perspective (ESDP) both in the respective member states and on the European level. The goal ...