Work in progress

The Work Programme is a schedule of activities which describes the ongoing projects. The current status of all projects is shown below.

  • Tourism policy is traditionally aimed at attracting tourists and creating more facilities. Tourism and recreation offer interesting perspectives for the Council’s advisory work, on account of the strong growth of this sector and the resulting increasing burden on the human environment.
  • Which measures should the government take to ensure that all parties involved are able and willing to work towards a rapid transition to a low-CO2 heat supply in the built environment?
  • What role can the central government play in the transition to a sustainable economy? Do the nature, scope and expected economic impact of the transition challenges give cause to revise this role? What lessons can be learned from the transition in the energy-intensive industry?
  • Various sustainability challenges come together at the regional scale. What mechanisms are at play? Do the different challenges conflict? And if so, is a holistic approach appropriate?