Aviation policy

March 2019

Background and request for advice

The Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management is currently preparing a new Aviation Memorandum in which government policy and the position of the government with respect to aviation is updated. The key question in the Aviation Memorandum is how the development of aviation can be balanced with other societal interests such as safety, sustainability and quality of life. At the request of the Minister of Infrastructure and Water Management, the Council for the Environment and Infrastructure (Rli) has included advice on aviation policy in its 2019-2020 Work Programme, which can contribute to the compilation of the Aviation Memorandum. The Council concludes that the worldwide continuing growth of aviation, the climate objectives and the quality of the living environment are at odds with one another. That conflict demands a new approach to aviation policy. For that reason, the Council is focusing on the following issues in this advice:

  • Is a new approach possible in aviation policy?
  • If so, will that new approach lead to other principles in government policy?
  • What are the new policy options?
  • What control possibilities are there to develop the policy options and, if the control mechanisms are now limited, how can they be supplemented?
Jordi Huisman / Hollandse Hoogte


The advice focuses on aviation in the Netherlands, with attention for both the landside and the airside. Inevitably, the relationship with international aviation is included. The primary focus is on civil aviation, including both freight and passenger transport. The advice deals with the national airport Schiphol, the regional airports, air traffic and air space.


This advice is expected to be published in March 2019

Composition of council committee

Prof. N.S.J. Koeman, council member and committee chair
J. Kok, council member
M.W.B. Lubben, junior council member

External committee members

Dr J. Faber (CE Delft)
Prof. P.P.C. Haanappel (emeritus professor of Air and Space Law, Leiden University)

Information or response: 

For more information about the advice, please contact Bart Swanenvleugel, project manager, bart.swanenvleugel@rli.nl, +31 (0)6 5201 2691.