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Good Water, Good Policy

Advisory report
Rli - May 2023
The Netherlands is required to meet the WFD standards by 2027. What government policy is needed to achieve the WFD objectives as quickly as possible and then consolidate the objectives achieved?

Every region counts!

Advisory report
Rli - March 2023
There are significant differences between the regions of the Netherlands. Differences in landscape and regional culture, for example, give the Netherlands its character, but many other regional disparities are undesirable and major changes in government policy will be needed to counter them.

Splitting the atom, splitting opinion?

Advisory report
Rli - September 2022
The energy transition calls for diligent decision-making on the role of nuclear energy. Over the coming years, this issue will be the subject of public and political debate. What aspects should be considered as part of this process?

Providing shelter

Advisory report
Rli - July 2022
Housing associations in the Netherlands play an important role in providing housing for households that find it difficult to do so themselves. But does this role fit with the social challenges over the next ten to fifteen years?

Nature-Inclusive Netherlands

Advisory report
Rli - March 2022
Nature in the Netherlands is declining at an alarming rate, even though robust nature is crucial for the quality of life here. What does this mean for our current nature policy? The Council for the Environment and Infrastructure issued an advisory report on this subject on 23 March 2022.

Farmers with a future

Advisory report
Rli - December 2021
What kind of government policy can help agri-entrepreneurs determine their own future, within the boundaries of sustainability?

Give direction, make space!

Advisory report
Rli - November 2021
The Netherlands is facing major spatial challenges as regards climate, energy, nature, housing, and agriculture. Is the way spatial planning is currently managed adequate for tackling these challenges in good time and with favourable results?

Investing in sustainable growth

Advisory report
Rli - October 2021
How can the government improve how the National Growth Fund is used to make sure that the investments contribute to sustainable earning capacity and are aligned to the economy of the future?

Hydrogen: the missing link

Advisory report
Rli - February 2021
What is the significance and strategic importance of climate-neutral hydrogen as a feedstock, fuel and energy carrier as part of a sustainable Dutch economy?

Digitally Sustainable

Advisory report
Rli - February 2021
Digital technology and data use are changing our society in fundamental ways. These changes are having a major impact on the sustainability of our living environment. How can we create a society that is both digital and sustainable?