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Use growth fund to target sustainable growth

Press release
Rli - 14 October 2021
The National Growth Fund (Nationaal Groeifonds) was instituted to raise the Netherlands' future gross domestic product. The Council for the Environment and Infrastructure (Rli) concludes in its advisory report "Investing in sustainable growth&qu ...

Accessibility policy focuses too much on expanding infrastructure

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Rli - 10 February 2021
In accessibility policy, the focus is too one-sided, concentrating on eliminating traffic congestion and investing in new infrastructure projects. Other solutions, such as spreading traffic throughout the day, digital alternatives or smart urbanisation po ...

Government must focus policy on sustainable digitalisation

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Rli - 9 February 2021
Digital technology and data use are changing our society in fundamental ways. These changes are having a major impact on the sustainability of our living environment. Although digitalisation and sustainability are inextricably connected, government policy ...

Hydrogen: an indispensable part of a sustainable economy

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Rli - 25 January 2021
Climate-neutral hydrogen is an indispensable link in the future supply of energy and feedstocks. However, a market for climate-neutral hydrogen will not simply materialise automatically. It requires the government to build infrastructure, finance new tech ...

City accessible to fewer and fewer people

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Rli - 1 October 2020
Fewer and fewer people are unable to participate sufficiently in urban life. They can no longer find or pay for a home and many amenities in the city are inaccessible to them. Furthermore, fewer people have transport to reach work or medical facilities. T ...

Opting for a green recovery, after the corona crisis

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Rli - 10 July 2020
After the corona crisis, the Dutch Government will have to assist the process of economic recovery. The most effective recovery measures would be those that boost both the economy and employment, in the short term, while also contributing to a sustainable ...

European sustainability councils call for a boost in the post-pandemic shift to rail for international travel

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Rli - 1 July 2020
Europe can and must do more to improve international passenger travel by rail. This will contribute towards the EU’s environmental goals, will enhance the economic competitiveness of agglomerations and stimulate sustainable tourism. Moreover, the transpor ...

More vigorous soil policy needed

Press release
Rli - 29 June 2020
The health of rural soils in the Netherlands is in jeopardy, but current soil policy provides an inadequate response. Objectives for nature, water and climate are not being met and agricultural yields are under threat. The government must do more to ensur ...

Dutch Cabinet to increase their grip on hazardous substances

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Rli - 11 March 2020
Current policy on hazardous substances is not sufficient to adequately control the risks to people and the physical environment. The use and number of hazardous substances is increasing, as is the reuse of products containing such substances. This is why ...

Tourism growth requireschange in policy

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Rli - 6 September 2019
6 September 2019 – The number of tourists visiting the Netherlands has grown exponentially in the past ten years and will continue to do so in the years to come. Tourism now generates as much revenue as the construction sector and more than double that of ...