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Safety at companies subject to the Major Accidents Risks Decree: responsibility and effective action

Advisory report
Rli - 17 June 2013
Dutch transposition of the Seveso directive

Room for Sustainable Agriculture

Advisory report
Rli - 25 March 2013
In its advisory report, the Dutch Council (Rli) outlines the social dilemmas associated with agriculture and horticulture in the Netherlands.

Keep moving, towards sustainable mobility

Advisory report
Rli - 10 October 2012
The book includes contributions from all the conference speakers, a column, and interviews with the CEOs of three multinational companies.

Environment and Planning Act: opportunity for quality

Advisory report
Rli - 23 November 2011
In this advisory letter, the Councils offer advice in connection with the new Omgevingswet (Environment and Planning Act).

Work programme 2012-2013

Work Programme
Rli - 18 October 2011
This document presents the joint work programme of the Council for the Rural Area, the Council for Transport, Public Works and Water Management and the VROM Council.

Brakes off!

Advisory report
Rli - 3 October 2011
In this advisory report, the Councils call for the acceleration of the Netherlands’ transition to a sustainable energy system based on renewables.

Time for flood safety

Advisory report
Rli - 3 September 2011
This advisory report calls for a shift in focus. Attention should not only be devoted to flood prevention, but to risk management and adequate response procedures.

A sea of opportunity

Advisory report
Rli - 3 September 2011
This advisory report is concerned with the significance of the North Sea to Dutch society.

European agriculture policy as a transition instrument for agriculture and horticulture

Advisory report
Rli - 20 June 2011
This advisory report is concerned with the position to be adopted by the Netherlands in negotiations about the new European Agricultural Policy.

Advice on the future of spatial policy in the Netherlands

Advisory report
Rli - 16 June 2011
This advice contains recommendations for improving the effectiveness of spatial planning within the context of the intended decentralisation of national spatial policy.