Rli commences advisory report The “Forgotten” Netherlands?

The Council for the Environment and Infrastructure (Rli), the Council for Public Administration (ROB), and the Council of Public Health & Society (RVS) are jointly launching an advisory project entitled The "Forgotten" Netherlands?. This focuses on parts of the Netherlands that display an accumulation of disadvantages, as regards overall well-being, accessibility of facilities, and/or efforts on the part of the authorities. Each of the three Councils is contributing to the advisory project from its own perspective.

The project is expected to produce a strategic advisory report on the perspective from which central government views the regions in its policy, and from which the regions relate to central government. The report will offer the basic principles and preconditions needed for that perspective, with the intention of strengthening overall well-being in all areas of the Netherlands. The Councils expect to issue their report by the start of 2023.

More about the advisory report on The "Forgotten" Netherlands?

For more information about the advisory project, please contact the project leader, Bart Swanenvleugel at bart.swanenvleugel@rli.nl, or on +31 (0)6 5201 2691.