Every journey has its price

Joint advice of the council for transport, public works and water management (Raad voor Verkeer en Waterstaat, council for housing, spatial planing and the environment (VROM-raad) and energy council (algemene Energieraad) to the Netherlands government.

If European climate targets for 2050 are to be realised, the Netherlands and Europe will need to pursue far more vigorous policies to address the CO2 emissions of the transport sector. In the absence of robust measures, the rapidly growing transport sector threatens to take up the entire European CO2 ‘emissions space’ by about 2050. To get anywhere near the stated European emission targets, industry, households, power generation and other sectors would have to reduce their CO2 emissions to virtually zero. As this is obviously out of the question, over the coming decades the transport sector will itself have to make a major contribution to reducing carbon emissions.