Work Programme 2019-2020

The Council’s ambition is to contribute to accelerating the necessary transitions in the broad domain of the human environment in the coming years. Because the relevant challenges are closely interconnected, most of the advisory reports published by the Council will transcend the boundaries of the four individual Dutch ministries with responsibilities for the human environment.

The Council has included the following topics in this proposal for its 2019-2020 Working Programme:

1. Reform of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP)
2. Hazardous substances
3. Aviation policy
4. Disposal of stranded assets
5. Healthy soils
6. Conference on inclusive transitions

These topics are described in more detail below. In addition, the Council may also, if the outcome of the relevant decision-making processes and policy developments warrants it, write advisory letters on the following topics:

7. North Sea
8. Consequences of climate change for spatial planning policy

Finally, we wish to point out that the preparation of an advisory report on the topic of ‘Digitisation of policies on the human environment’ - planned in the 2018-2019 working programme - has not yet commenced.